Such is Life

from by Sonder

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Another wasted day
One that we have waited for
Another useless dream awaiting

Adjust the façade
Maintain the connection
Assume what was felt
Emulate like you mean it

Becoming takes little
And mimicry is so effortless
Copy, paste and move away from the screen
Why bother
In the end
There seems so little variance

And besides its not why they listen, is it?

But what's the point
When all I cane is restricted
By all that they were
Seeking truths
And acknowledge who I am

The resonance is personal
And no matter the effort
I am not them
Seeking for a face
I've lost my soul
Lost my purpose
Lost my name
But regain, remain
And take the reigns

Another wasted day
One that we had waited fro
To be the face that we never owned

Another wasted day
What the fuck were we waiting for
Embrace reality
And break away

All that you are
And all that you hope for
Forced fed from their hands
You eat it willful
This isn't what you asked for

Grow find your ground
And find your voice
No one can answer the questions
What's the fucking point of it

And once you achieve
Something that seems
From the heart
Then you'll know
What's the fucking point of it


from Source, released October 7, 2016




Sonder Calgary, Alberta

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