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A hundred wasted years
Of ignorant praise and faith
Raised hands for the CEO
Worship greedy industry

But what did you think?
When profits guide the direction
We're so lucky
It's so comfy
And I'm dreary
From the thought

Just five more minutes
Don't wake me from my slumber
Don't ask the questions
If it ain't broke…

All hope for critical thought has atrophied
I haven't seen much but I've witnessed the character of a nation die

Why can't you wake up?
Why can't you fucking think?
Fill your role while they fill your head
Chug along like you should

Forever a self fulfilling prophecy of self indulgence
An endless cycle of fruitless hope and mindless tropes


Wake from your endless sleep

When we all know
What they want
Then we will know
That they own us
And all our decisions

When I see this I see fear
Fear of the openness
Afraid and unsure of
what changes us

And where the energy
Necessary to push it
Comes from and
What brings us to
What made us so great

But its not too late
We can resurrect
We can bring ourselves from them
If we allow ourselves to think

But there's not much time
They’ve constructed our cells

Prisoners of comfort, gave in to base
Urges to maintain, status quo without
Concept of growth

Forced in the machine, grind and destroy us
Without question We are destined for
Mindless life

A culture of blank slates
Used to increase profits
At the cost of our minds

Wake up we can escape this
Wake up we have to destroy them


from Source, released October 7, 2016




Sonder Calgary, Alberta

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