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Set sail, head for the coast
Against an angry tide
The waves bite at our keel
As storms tear out upon the wide

The horizon disappears
An angry sea
Our fear is building
We are losing ourselves

Soaking wet and beaten down
Search for an answer
Dreams of the end and when we're found
resolve cannot decay

And even through a million years
Lost and forgotten, filled with fears

Without your voice
Without the healing bond
Like a ship lost at sea
Tossed and thrown intensely
Awaiting calm

And we're struck to find it
Find a way to dry land
Our tears are building
We are losing our hope

But as hope seems to decay
We're so lost
You've been lost
Goodbyes never seem so final
Feeling sure the storm wont pass

All the hope decayed
All the life away
Lost in ether
Seeming endlessly
To the heart of me
Take me instead

In all, its not that long
Since you were made to leave us
And yet I can't stand the thought
Of all you've missed and all you will miss

But if I could tell you just one thing
Have one more chance to hear your voice
I would pledge to make it through
And swear your love will carry on

For In our hearts you will not die

And even in the years
A song reflecting
A distant dream of when we'll find
Solace inside

Like the floating of a ship
We were adrift in sorrow
Our hope is building
We are finding ourselves

Our lives were altered
Searched for an answer
Dreamed of the end and to maintain
Love will not decay

And even through a million years
We'll hold you close and hold you dear

And I will take this forward,
make this promise
I will never let go


from Source, released October 7, 2016




Sonder Calgary, Alberta

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