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This hunger grows inside

Open my eyes
With rigid hands and fingers
Climb and arise
The blackest night was dark enough

To alter my precept of all I am
And what was made
Self-hate within selfishness
I have seen

An end to this;
The evil that has grown in me
And let me see what reality is true for me
Broke me down
And let me grow
To accept
What I really am

Closed eyes
Black out the sun
Fear sealing them

I'd fallen so far down
Trapped, caved in and losing hope
for what my future holds

Reckoning, I've seen
What's keeping me
Around for all these years

There's lit eyes of hope
Grasped by familiar faces
Don't forget to see them there
take their hand
And accept their embraces

When the light had faded away
And all that I knew was taken
When fear had consumed my mind,
And a heartless contempt for self enveloped

A viciousness in selfishness that promises and menaces
The darkness inside was of my design
Creation of a monster lied inside
The bruised heart of a blistered soul

One last dive
To rid your skull of this crumbling divide
I've seen this before I won't take part again
Promise me
That this is
My last dive

With eyes locked closed
Its easy to miss them
when cries go unexposed
Appeasing this mayhem
self doubt and hatred
Remember, elated

You are not alone


from Source, released October 7, 2016




Sonder Calgary, Alberta

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