by Sonder

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Progressive rock/metal out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 3 long years of work have brought us to this point. We hope you enjoy.


released October 7, 2016

Ben Read - Bass
JD Stubbs - Drums
Tylar Boyle - Lead Guitars
Branden Nystrom - Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Kevin Halsted - Vocals

Aaron Edzerza - Vocals on Track 6
Branden Nystrom - Vocals on Track 8

Produced by Tyler Corbett
Additional Production by Sonder
Vocal Engineering by Biran Harington
Artwork by Aaron Edzerza




Sonder Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Apathocracy
A hundred wasted years
Of ignorant praise and faith
Raised hands for the CEO
Worship greedy industry

But what did you think?
When profits guide the direction
We're so lucky
It's so comfy
And I'm dreary
From the thought

Just five more minutes
Don't wake me from my slumber
Don't ask the questions
If it ain't broke…

All hope for critical thought has atrophied
I haven't seen much but I've witnessed the character of a nation die

Why can't you wake up?
Why can't you fucking think?
Fill your role while they fill your head
Chug along like you should

Forever a self fulfilling prophecy of self indulgence
An endless cycle of fruitless hope and mindless tropes


Wake from your endless sleep

When we all know
What they want
Then we will know
That they own us
And all our decisions

When I see this I see fear
Fear of the openness
Afraid and unsure of
what changes us

And where the energy
Necessary to push it
Comes from and
What brings us to
What made us so great

But its not too late
We can resurrect
We can bring ourselves from them
If we allow ourselves to think

But there's not much time
They’ve constructed our cells

Prisoners of comfort, gave in to base
Urges to maintain, status quo without
Concept of growth

Forced in the machine, grind and destroy us
Without question We are destined for
Mindless life

A culture of blank slates
Used to increase profits
At the cost of our minds

Wake up we can escape this
Wake up we have to destroy them
Track Name: Proxy Mind
Since the dawn of time
Men have spilt the blood of their brothers
Heeding order of a man atop a throne
When heartlessness leads our way
Rage will enable their control
We're slaves awaiting deathly orders
Accepting a fate we hate
We assemble and end their reign

A broken day
With no promised end
To all the fear and pain that we have seen
When all is said and done
The bloods been shed
And were just stuck here
Waiting for the end

To resurrect
A darkness that grips our mind
And wander as we seek the truth
But redirect
And wait for the proxy to fail
Assumed facades conceal the truth

We wont suffer alone

A broken day
With no promised end
To all the fear and pain that we have seen
When all is said and done
The bloods been shed
And were just stuck here
Waiting for the end
Track Name: SDB
Even through
Weaving woe
And feeling my old age
Bleeding as the walls collapse
Surrounding me
And all the lasts will tell
Even at the end
Condemned in me

The affliction bears torment
Like a rotting apple
Weighs down its boughs
Anxiety of release
Corrupt foundation
Spoiled flesh fruit left to fester
Falling and failing much faster

Am I

It seethes in me

That path to ascending to power
Lost as it becomes

For the only thing to feel
For the last chance to escape this
For the only thing left for me
I am consumed


And even as the power grows inside of me
I lose track of the bastion
And take away
And even though even though
I've lost each battle that I've fought
Even though I'm certain of nothing
I'll continue this long haul


And ascend from the cavern
Assessing damage
delicate mind
Where do I find me
Seek not to adorn this
A worthy countenance
This filth , Not to conceal it
But become aware
Of this hate
And suffer the self is,
self is, destruction
Track Name: Bamboo Shoots
Awaken me!
I'm lost in dreams of comfort gone
And when the silence breaks
I'll ask for more
For tearing wounds that bleed
Viscera pooling
Find my hands tearing at the cloth

Until the end
The light that fades away from me
I've had
Till your vile voice
Sings true your wickedness
As you watch me fall
I've had
Enough of you

Tear away from this
Break the bonds that hold

Understanding has rocked the boat
Withstanding a torrent of vitriol horror
Has left me shaken

The day breaks anew as
I am awaiting the end of the night
With bated breath and sweaty palms
Eyes ease open struck with light

A distant hope in my mind
When the reckless ones
Take the light

I see the ageless hate defined
And how its power stuns
Out of spite


You think I'm falling away
Filled with naiveté
this shit led me astray
But you know not of me

Pain strengthens what's deep in me
This is a guarantee
Your false face emblazons a loud decree
Of your hate
Will not wait
Astray decay
For my delay
Bleeding out
Concealed in doubt

A distant hope grows in my mind
When the reckless tried
To take the light

I saw the ageless hate defined
And how its power died
Its out of fight

Till your vile voice
Sings true your wretchedness
As you watch me fall
I've had
Enough of you
Track Name: Adrift
Set sail, head for the coast
Against an angry tide
The waves bite at our keel
As storms tear out upon the wide

The horizon disappears
An angry sea
Our fear is building
We are losing ourselves

Soaking wet and beaten down
Search for an answer
Dreams of the end and when we're found
resolve cannot decay

And even through a million years
Lost and forgotten, filled with fears

Without your voice
Without the healing bond
Like a ship lost at sea
Tossed and thrown intensely
Awaiting calm

And we're struck to find it
Find a way to dry land
Our tears are building
We are losing our hope

But as hope seems to decay
We're so lost
You've been lost
Goodbyes never seem so final
Feeling sure the storm wont pass

All the hope decayed
All the life away
Lost in ether
Seeming endlessly
To the heart of me
Take me instead

In all, its not that long
Since you were made to leave us
And yet I can't stand the thought
Of all you've missed and all you will miss

But if I could tell you just one thing
Have one more chance to hear your voice
I would pledge to make it through
And swear your love will carry on

For In our hearts you will not die

And even in the years
A song reflecting
A distant dream of when we'll find
Solace inside

Like the floating of a ship
We were adrift in sorrow
Our hope is building
We are finding ourselves

Our lives were altered
Searched for an answer
Dreamed of the end and to maintain
Love will not decay

And even through a million years
We'll hold you close and hold you dear

And I will take this forward,
make this promise
I will never let go
Track Name: Acension
This hunger grows inside

Open my eyes
With rigid hands and fingers
Climb and arise
The blackest night was dark enough

To alter my precept of all I am
And what was made
Self-hate within selfishness
I have seen

An end to this;
The evil that has grown in me
And let me see what reality is true for me
Broke me down
And let me grow
To accept
What I really am

Closed eyes
Black out the sun
Fear sealing them

I'd fallen so far down
Trapped, caved in and losing hope
for what my future holds

Reckoning, I've seen
What's keeping me
Around for all these years

There's lit eyes of hope
Grasped by familiar faces
Don't forget to see them there
take their hand
And accept their embraces

When the light had faded away
And all that I knew was taken
When fear had consumed my mind,
And a heartless contempt for self enveloped

A viciousness in selfishness that promises and menaces
The darkness inside was of my design
Creation of a monster lied inside
The bruised heart of a blistered soul

One last dive
To rid your skull of this crumbling divide
I've seen this before I won't take part again
Promise me
That this is
My last dive

With eyes locked closed
Its easy to miss them
when cries go unexposed
Appeasing this mayhem
self doubt and hatred
Remember, elated

You are not alone
Track Name: A Crownless King
Atop a high horse
Raining his judgement down
Turning a nose up
Draped in self-righteousness

Assessing me
To be
Lacking passion

Of my condition

Battering souls will never ascend you
Awakening to all you have broken now

I will not bow down in reverence to a man
A crownless king who rules an abstract land
As if awaiting for the subjects passive
To kiss his hand
He cannot hide
When the world finds
lunacy of a narcissistic man

We've seen enough
Of this madness
It's clear to me
That your callous

You can't
Well I can
Not you
For this needs some heart
When the light
Shines upon it
We will see
The honesty within

I will not bow down in reverence to a man
A crownless king who rules an abstract land
As if awaiting for the subjects passive
To kiss his hand
He cannot hide
When the world finds
lunacy of a narcissistic man

Now we know
As if the guises transparent
Fall to show
The disdain is inherent
Takes the pages
From the book of a conceited asshole
Never asking
If he's crownless what is he but a fool
Track Name: Such is Life
Another wasted day
One that we have waited for
Another useless dream awaiting

Adjust the façade
Maintain the connection
Assume what was felt
Emulate like you mean it

Becoming takes little
And mimicry is so effortless
Copy, paste and move away from the screen
Why bother
In the end
There seems so little variance

And besides its not why they listen, is it?

But what's the point
When all I cane is restricted
By all that they were
Seeking truths
And acknowledge who I am

The resonance is personal
And no matter the effort
I am not them
Seeking for a face
I've lost my soul
Lost my purpose
Lost my name
But regain, remain
And take the reigns

Another wasted day
One that we had waited fro
To be the face that we never owned

Another wasted day
What the fuck were we waiting for
Embrace reality
And break away

All that you are
And all that you hope for
Forced fed from their hands
You eat it willful
This isn't what you asked for

Grow find your ground
And find your voice
No one can answer the questions
What's the fucking point of it

And once you achieve
Something that seems
From the heart
Then you'll know
What's the fucking point of it